1. Hitting the Nail

Mom: “Danny, I can hear you hitting a nail with the hammer. You are going to crush your fingers again.”

Danny: “No, Mom. I will not do that. I am very careful about that.”

Mom: “That is what you always say.”

Danny: “Don’t worry, Mom. My little sister is holding the nail.”

(Sri Lanka)


Mr. Patel was an old person who hated the Western culture. While he was flying to India, he met
Mr. Peterson who was seated next to him. When the flight attendant asked
Mr. Patel to select food from the menu, he refused saying that he brought his own

Peterson: “You are going to miss a good lunch, Mr. Patel.”

Patel: “Good lunch? From an airplane? You are kidding! I brought my own lunch.” Then he opened his packet of lunch

saying, “This is what you call food, Mister!”

Peterson: “Wow! It smells pretty good. What is that round stuff?”

Patel: “You see, Mister, this is Indian bread and is called roti. It is not inflated like American bread. It is nourishing, too. Would you like to have some?”

Peterson: “No, thank you. What is that white stuff you have there?”

Patel: “That is curd, a kind of Indian yogurt, with no chemicals.”

Peterson: “What about the other things you have in your lunch?”

While Mr. Patel was having his lunch, he enjoyed explaining about his food and all the good things in India that he missed.

Patel: “I am proud to be an Indian. Everything I have is made in India. I am an Indian and India is mine. Wherever I travel I take India with me.”

At the end of lunch, Mr. Peterson heard a funny noise coming from Mr. Patel’s behind.

Peterson: “What is that funny noise came from your behind?”

“Air India.”