Our mission is to instill spirituality (not religion) in the hearts of our young people using wisdom stories from various cultures.

Needless to say that, education without spirituality produces chaos in any nation.  Our system of education is designed to create financially successful people with no objective of creating successful lives.  As the world is becoming multicultural we should learn to respect other cultures to have peaceful and successful lives.

This web site is dedicated to building a better world by helping our young people to develop wisdom and look at a problem in different angles before coming to a solution. To accomplish this objective we included some entertaining stories from various cultures.

The wisdom stories help young people develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by analyzing problems from diverse perspectives before arriving at a final solution.

Humor plays a significant role in our health. They say that humor stories are more powerful that than prescription medicine.  This humor stories cone with a reward.

Please enjoy them as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you.